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Concert Program

Total Praise

Richard Smallwood

More than I Can Bear

Kirk Franklin

Never Would Have Made It

Marvin Sapp, Sunday Service Choir

Open Your Eyes/ The Light

Bobby Caldwell/Doobie Powell

Solos by: Kaitlin Lane, Quintessa Raynor

House Mashup - Show Me Love/ Gypsy Woman/Finally

DJ Coco Chanelle, Robin S., Crystal Waters, Cece Peniston

Solos by: Jordy Rolfe, Aisha Jarvis


All of My Help

Ricky Dillard

Solo by: Glenn Sevillo

Hold On, Don't Let Go

Richard Smallwood

Solos By: Constant Bernard, Su Biswas, Abu Ghouri

Through the Fire

Chaka Khan

Solos by: Andrea Burton, Sarah Edwards



Solo by: Helen Chang

Wonderful is Your Name

Melvin Crispell

Solo by: Jacen Duncan


Hezekiah Walker



Alexa Belgrave


Steve Henry


Caleb Klager


Jonathan Kerr




Aisha Jarvis
Helen Chang
Jordy Rolfe
Lili Connor
Lori Lamarche
Louise Finn
Quintessa Raynor
Sarah Edwards
Tanwa Adanlawo

Mira Lutsenko
Chyrell Ronquillo


Adrianna Burton

Andrea Burton

Ariana Cuvin

Ariel Sim

Daniela Rodriguez

Jenna Pinard

Kaitlin Lane

Lorraine Lam

Sara Darko

Sylvia Danglades


Veronique Beaudet


Abu Ghouri

Andy Bandyopadhyay

Constant Bernard

Glenn Sevillo

Harold Flemming

Jacen Duncan

Lucas Meeuse

Michael Grundland

Su Biswas


Andrew Wang

Matthew Villemaire

Wade Muir

Special Thanks

Sheela Taylor, Jane Tuomi  and everyone else at Metropolitan United Church for welcoming us into their beautiful space for this very special event

Ralph-Carl Wushke and First Evangelical Lutheran Church for donating his incredible space to us for weekly rehearsals and for believing in us throughout the years.

Thank You to...

Sam Selci

Audio Mixing & Recording

Charlotte Cattell




Tyrone Williams

Stage Management


Set-Up, Doors, Ticket Office Volunteers

Diana Duncan Levy


Samara Bortz

Social Media

Choir Team

Jacen Duncan

Founder & Artistic Director

Kaitlin Lane, Ariana Cuvin, Sarah Edwards, Harold Flemming, Ariel Sim

Operations & Concert Planning

Jordy Rolfe, Sarah Edwards, Daniela Rodriguez, Andrea Burton, Harold Flemming

Section Leaders

Andy Bandyopadhyay, Helen Chang, Andrea Burton, Lorraine Lam
Angel Care

Daniela Rodriguez

Vocal Warm-Ups and Care

Glenn Sevillo, Louise Finn, Lorraine Lam

Marketing & Media Team

Lastly, a shout-out to you!

Thank you to all of the families, partners, and friends of our choristers! We never would have made it without you.

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Interested in collaborating?

My name is Alexa Young

If you loved what you saw tonight and want to book, sponsor, or collaborate with us in any way, please reach out to us at!


Want to join the choir?

My name is Alexa Young

We’d love to meet you! We’re hosting auditions this August! Sign up for an audition using this link, or email us for details!

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